“Take Your Joy and Power Back” Yoga Retreat

Playa Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

Mar de Jade - Chacala, Mexico

May 23 - 29






I know it’s short notice. But past experience has shown us that many people procrastinate and wait until the last possible moment to sign up. Well, this is the last moment.
People are itching to get out and experience connecting again. Is that you?
The Retreat will be a beautiful display of love, laughs, yoga, philosophy, adventure, relaxation, all of it!

Time to “Take Your Joy and Power Back” Yoga Retreat!

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Take Your Joy and Power Back Yoga Retreat

Photographer: Robert Sturman

Venue Details

Mar de Jade No.1
Playa Chacala, Nayarit
+52 327 219 4000