What a skill! What an art! How developed one must be to ask for help. How impossible it is to live life without having that art, that skill. It just can’t happen.

One of the fundamental principles in education is, “education cannot be given. It has to be taken.” The same thing holds true for “help”. Help has to be received. You can’t help someone, unless they are open for help. But there are times in our lives where people that we love, care about, and know they are so far lost, that you have to step in. Whether they hate you or not. Whether you are invited or not. The hardest time to ask for help is usually when you don’t think you need it. Today, I did something I don’t usually do. I went in to help someone, irregardless of whether it was wanted or not.

There is this voice in many of us that is always chirping, “I don’t need the help. I don’t want to bother anybody. I can do it on my own.” That’s the voice that kills us! That is the voice we should not be listening to.

There is no way to get by in this life. There is no way to thrive in this life. There is no way to learn, if we don’t get help. Most of the help we need, we have to ask for.

We walk around with these strange ideas that people should know that we need help. They should know that we want help. Nobody should know this, except you!

You are the one responsible for asking for the help you need. It’s not your family. It’s not your friends. People should not magically come up to you and offer their help. “Well, no one offered” is a common reply. That is victim living.

When you are living an empowered life, ask for what you need. There is no shame, nor guilt. That is clean, healthy living.


From Facebook Live video, October 25, 2020