How many times have I said and continue to say, “Yoga teachers, as a rule, are insane?”

There are a multitude of reasons why, but none more important than these three. Note that all three are essentially the same: each is simply taking something that “is” and promising it to be something else. That, my friends, creates chaos and suffering:

1. Yoga is not a physical exercise. To be clear, sure there are postures and yes, they are great for the body. However, too many ignorant fucks add “spiritual promises” to them and that has created tons of suffering.

2. Meditation: you can’t teach it. Teaching it implies that it’s a mechanical, physical thing. Through deep devotion, unyielding studies and endless service, one becomes meditative. Meditation is a way of being, you assholes, NOT a fucking relaxation technique. That said, relaxation techniques are great tools!

3. Yoga is not a business. It’s fine to run a business that involves yoga. But there’s no such thing as a yoga business. When you try to run a business as a spiritual institution, you will be fucking yourself and those in it. Running a business that involves yoga, however, is not a problem.


Response to Yoga to the People’s Dark Secrets — The Cut