Yo! Friends it has been a minute.

I am at Solitude Mountain in Utah with one of my oldest, best friends, Jeffrey Cohen. You can check him out at Satsang Yoga.

We are enjoying ourselves. We found a way to enjoy ourselves.

You can be flat broke. You can be lonely without a lot of people in your life. Yet, you can still find joy. You can still be an enjoyer. That is what Jeffrey and I have been talking about for the last eight days that we have been together. The importance of making sure you are enjoying your life.

There are so many people I know that spend a lifetime not enjoying their days. They are complaining, worrying, with tons of anxiety, and fear.

It is so simple to be an enjoyer. Simple things like waking up in the morning, having a glass of OJ, swishing it around in your mouth and feeling your mouth light up. Appreciating the fruit that has come from this earth.

Enjoying is THE most important thing that you can do.

We have a short life, no matter how long we live. To spend it complaining, always waiting for our happiness, allowing that happiness to rest in some other human, some other place, is a torture in of itself.

Yes, we are out here enjoying the snow. The skiing is great. The circumstances are ideal. But you do not need the circumstances to be ideal, to be an enjoyer.

Jeffrey and I have started the Enjoyer’s Club. All you need to do to become a member, is to enjoy what you have. Be aware of what you enjoy and keep enjoying it.

This is not about running from things that are hard. You can enjoy suffering. You can be on your death bed. You can have COVID and still be an enjoyer.

“What you pay attention to is what you manifest. What do you want to feed with your attention? You can be sick and it’s okay. Because we do get sick. That is normal. But it is not the end of the world.” states Jeffrey.

The enjoyment you can find in life comes from a place of learning and understanding that is all part of the experience. It is all part of the journey. It is an adventure.

To be an enjoyer, you have to look at life holistically, at the bigger picture. You can’t just shrink your life into this moment and say, this is lousy. No, you need to realize that this is part of the bigger picture and your enjoyment can come from all of this.

“It is like the story about feeling the different parts of the elephant and because you are so close, you think one part is a tree trunk, one part is a snake”, reminisces, Jeffrey. Only when you pull away can you see what it really is. Otherwise your decision in what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing is based on ignorance and not the truth.

Enjoying isn’t attached to a feeling. It is attached to a way of being, a way of seeing things.



Based on my Facebook Live video, December 17, 2020