Spaghetti Squash The Microwave Way

Spaghetti squash

Cut the spaghetti squash lengthwise (you can remove stem first, but try and not cut through the ends).
Scrape out seeds and fibers using an ice cream scoop or large spoon.
Put squash in a close-fitting microwave dish (oval casserole).
Keep squash stable. May have to slice a thin strip from bottom of squash.
Place top half of squash on top of bottom.
No need to cover with plastic wrap.
Microwave squash for 10 minutes (if small) or more, if larger.
Test for doneness. Wearing an oven mitt, squeeze top half gently.
If flexible, it’s likely to be done.
Remove top half. Flesh should be rich, semi-translucent yellow.
Pull out the strands with a fork.
Toss with non-dairy butter, or a favorite sauce.

Note: Can be added to a soup in place of noodles.

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