EEM Immersion Group Workshop: Mexico

Playa Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

Mar de Jade - Chacala, Mexico

Our inaugural Emotional Empowerment Immersion Workshop is from May 14-22, 2022


Join Eric Paskel for the Emotional Empowerment Movement Immersion…
New content!  New experiences!  It will be a game changer!!!
This Immersion Group workshop is in conjunction with Eric’s recently published book, The Emotional Empowerment Movement, Book One, (now available on Amazon) and the launch of the website,  Emotional Empowerment Movement with hours and hours of learning, podcasts, and an entirely new course helping you become emotionally empowered.

We will be at one of our favorite eco-chic resorts, merely steps away from a magnificent beach, enjoying the freshest meals, adventures, new friendships, and absorbing enough information to empower us to rise above any challenges we currently face.

This week in Mexico is for all!  From those who just met Eric to those who have studied with him for years.

Early bird pricing $4250 (thru 1/31/22)


Come hear, be near, and learn from the master himself
email: or for further details

Venue Details

Mar de Jade No.1
Playa Chacala, Nayarit
+52 327 219 4000