Our Purpose

I am a child of the earth. I am connected to all life; to animals, to trees, to rivers, to seas.  We tread lightly upon the earth.

May we all support life in all the choices we make and then all of our lives will be worth supporting.

This collection of vegan/vegetarian recipes began, when students in our yoga life training programs asked for help in changing their diets to a more healthy, caring one.

Eating with compassion is the ultimate display of our powers to rule over our senses, to exercise our ability to identify with other creatures, and to sacrifice our pleasures to support life in one another.

Knowledge is a key component in maintaining a healthy diet.  Make sure the foods you are eating promote good health.

Whether we are in a yoga training program or not, we all can benefit from these recipes.  Our goal is to live the best, most caring, life we can!

Bon Appetit!

Barbara Terner